Luxinia is a 3D open-source engine written in C that uses OpenGL, Lua, GLFW, OpenAL and ODE physics. As user you do not need any compilers but purely work with the high-level language Lua to code your projects. The engines design goals were:

The Luxinia 1.x engine is currently not actively developed anymore, however you still might find its games and usage appealing.


13.07.2014 luxinia1 on github
luxinia1 source code can now be found on

21.11.2011 source releases
luxinia2 is a loose rendering framework around luaJIT, it contains portions of luxinia1 and is found on github.
Furthermore I compiled luxinia1 in its current state (no clue about stability!) and created a full sdk package that includes the engine and tool sources released under a mix of MIT and NETBSD. Please keep in mind that assets (textures, models...) remain proprietary. See Download section.

29.1.2011 Status update
Due to time constraints not much active development on the engine anymore. The forums got locked due to spammers posting there. You can still contact us via email if you have questions.

11.1.2010 New License
The license was changed to allow commercial development for free.

13.9.2009 Estrela Tutorials
Two new tutorials on using estrela with luxinia were added basic and Cg.

14.8.2009 SDK in progress
We are working on overhauling several internals. The Lua api will mostly stay as is however, but not in all cases backwards compatibility can be preserved. At the end of this process we will opensource several of the core libraries, to ease communcation with engine internals.

30.11.2008 Whats cool in game graphics
Not directly related to luxinia but for a university talk on game graphics I composed an overview on recent techniques. You can get it here! One major technique missing is called "Light Pre-Pass".

4.9.2008 Estrela Editor
The Estrela Editor is our open-source project for a wxLua based IDE, primarily focussed on Luxinia, but customizable for other Lua applications as well. The project has gone live, and can be downloaded via SVN from sourceforge. A proper release package will come along with the next official luxinia release. More info here

14.8.2008 luxiniaIDE and reversioning
To make writing projects for luxinia easier, we will focus on a wxLua based simple IDE. The main feature will be code-completion and some form of integrated help. Once we have a base version ready, we will release 0.98. However 0.98 will have its version number changed, to reflect the time and revisions that have gone into luxinia better. The next version will therefore probably be 1.2.75 (2.75 years since first public release). We will also have changed license to allow closed-source development for the free-version.

20.7.2008 Luxinia 0.98 test version
To not further delay the release of 0.98 we have released a package on the forum. Things that are missing for the full 0.98 is better wxWidgets support (test exe included), and a few more old demos ported to the tutorial framework. Nevertheless there is plenty new, especially all tutorials in a nice package (plus some more that aren't available on the website yet). Get it here!

24.5.2008 LSCMUnwrap? 1.0 for 3dsmax2009
LSCMUnwrap contains a small bugfix and is compiled for 3dsmax 2009.

17.5.2008 ArtTools forum & 0.98 infos
You can discuss/report issues about the ArtTools in a new forum section. We are also still working on 0.98 tutorial material. The former demo framework will be replaced by some 25+ tutorials on many topics. A new luxinia frontend allows custom window managers. We will provide a basic version with wxLua/wxWidgets, and are also working on replacing the internal modelviewer with a wxLua application. We are intending to release 0.98 in summer. As we feel that luxinia has become more and more stable in internal structures and workflow 0.98 feels like a re-launch to us. Therefore we want to gather lots of material for starters.

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