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3dsmax .FX

Here you will find some .fx files mostly done for quick tests. More details on tweakables when you click the image.

Simple Glass

very simple glass like effect, mostly to get non transparent specularity. Also has options for rim-lighting.


Vertex Color Blend

allows to blend textures using vertex color/alpha. There are three techniques, one blends the two base textures, the other one blends two material setups consisting of base,overlay and multiply texture. Each texture can have individual uv-mapping channel. The third technique blends 4 Textures based on Vertex R G B Channels individually. The 4th weight is the rest value that is left (if all others are summed to 1)

http://www.luxinia.de/download/arttools/vcolorblend.fx (last updated 30.10.07-00:07)

Generic Image Based Lighting

Generic Image Based Lighting shader, with lots of extras (normal, specular, emissive, enviro,...)
Originally released by Brice Vandemoortele and Cedric Caillaud for Maya as CgFx?
Minimum Requirement are Shader Model 2 capable cards

More details and cool pictures:
http://www.mentalwarp.com/~brice/shader.php and http://boards.polycount.net/showthread.php?t=49920

3dsmax Version with different codebase and additional changes by me:
http://www.luxinia.de/download/arttools/GenericIBL_1-6.fx (last updated 5. February 2010)

There are currently a few changes to the Cg version, color information is done via the texture maps (emissive,specular and subsurface). Alphatesting being done based on diffuse.alpha. LightColor? influences diffuse and multiple light support was added (up to 3). SpecularPower? is encoded in specular.alpha or as separate texture, dedicated ReflectionStrength? map was added. Now supports all shadermodel2 cards, too.


  • Image Based Lighting based on Light/Normal angle and View/Normal angle with BRDF Texture
  • Mixing between two BRDF Textures
    • via Weight Texture
    • via Cavity
  • Normalmap
  • Colored Diffuse, Specular, Emissive, Environment, Reflection textures
  • Specular.alpha encodes "power" (or separate map possible for SM3? cards)
  • Reflection.alpha encodes "blur" influence
  • AmbientLighting? with
    • CubeMap?
    • Hemispheric between 2 colors (ground/sky)
  • LightMap? mixing encoded in
  • Lots of tweakables/colorpickers for additional changes
  • 1 or 3 Lights
  • Basic shader versions for old cards (Radeon9600)