This is a collection of all codesamples used in the UserGuide. The samples are collected here to make it easier to update parts if the API has changed during development without digging through all manual pages. Codesamples from other parts of the website might be listed here either.

The codesamples are commented as untested if it has not been tested with Luxinia - this means that they are written by heart and may contain syntax errors or errors in the results.

If tested, the codesamples will be commented as tested, together with the date and the version of Luxinia.

If the sample requires additional resources (next to the basic resources we provide with the regular releases), these are mentionend in the comments and linked for download.

Articles that are marked with a questionmark are not existing yet.

  1. LUA
    1. HelloWorld
    2. FunctionEnvironment
    3. FunctionVariableArguments
  2. GUI
    1. Label
    2. Button
    3. TextField
    4. Checkbox
    5. ComboBox
    6. ListBox
    7. Slider
    8. TitleFrame
    9. Container
  3. Scenemanagement
    1. actornode
    2. scenenode
    3. Scenenodehierarchy
  4. Callbacks
    1. Timer
    2. TimerTask
  5. L3D system
    1. l3dprimitive