This section adresses readers who want to create games on their own. Creating games in Luxinia is not difficult at all, in fact, if you know how to create folders and simple files, you are ready to start. Moreover, you will need to learn programming. But it's no big deal to do that - lua is an extremly simple language and the basics can be learnt fast. Just don't start at the tip of the iceberg, but grow with your projects.

The Tutorials will give you a quite simple introduction how to use Luxinia and Lua.


  • Luxinia
  • Estrela Editor, our free wxLua based editor serving as Luxinia IDE, code completion, api tooltips... Or any other texteditor (e.g CrimsonEditor, Notepad..)
  • The will to learn
  • NO compilers needed
  • Toolkit (for model exporters/conversion)

What Projects can be made with Luxinia?

  • Horizontal and vertical scrollers of any type
  • Racing games
  • Jumpnruns
  • 1st/3rd person outdoor games
  • other 3D visualisation (non-game)
  • tools for your games

Egoshooters within buildings and complex city structures are not Luxinia's strength since it currently lacks a BSP / portal rendering system for detailed level architecture. This might come in a future version.


This is a basic overview on the execution flow and rendering architecture design.