April 2006

New features:

22.4.2006 camera local transforms (V0.92)
similar to l3dnodes camera can have rotation lock and local transforms.
20.4.2006 visibility bbox (V0.92)
you can access the visibility bounding box used for culling manually and modify it for actor and scenenodes.
19.4.2006 particle global align (V0.92)
the quads and triangle particles can be set to global align, ie not facing camera but using a user-defined orientation.
18.4.2006 pgraph (V0.92)
the internal profile graph can be customized more and user-graphs were added, too. You can use them to visualize profiling results more easily.
18.4.2006 particle gobal modifiers (V0.92)
particles can be globally modified, such as multiplied with a user color, size multipilier or render probability.
14.4.2006 l3dview backgroundfirst (V0.92)
sometimes the background material/skybox really needs to be drawn before everything else, this can be toggled now.
14.4.2006 particle Cg effects (V0.92)
more access to parameters for Cg vertex shaders when used with billboard particles.
13.4.2006 l3dlayerid disabling (V0.92)
you can prevent a whole layer to be drawn by disabling it.
12.4.2006 L3DPrimitive? UserMesh? (V0.92)
Just like for the l2dimage the l3dprimitive now allows a usermesh to be attached. In it you can set indices, primitivetype and vertices yourself.
11.4.2006 F3D? Exporter (3dsmax) (V1.3)
Can remove local scaling info (bake into vertices) and also allows to prescale everything on export. As well as some bugfixes when hierarchy of selected objects is exported.

Lua API changes

22.4.2006 Window parameters (V0.92)
width and height are easier accessible.
21.4.2006 l3dprimitive centered quad (V0.92)
the quad primitive can have its center within it, and not only in one corner as before.
21.4.2006 actor/scenenode new (V0.92)
less parameters needed, more polymorphism for the new function.
18.4.2006 texture sample2d (V0.92)
sample func can no longer be written to, but purely does sampling the texture. You can sample bilinear and/or clamped.
14.4.2006 framefx rewrite (V0.92)
framefx system was rewritten and is now object oriented as well. framefx mesh allows usermesh access as well.


30.4.2006 (V0.92a)
  • Timer Module, 3rd and 4th parameter created problems
23.4.2006 (V0.92)
  • render to texture, lots of bugfixes in l3dview, camera around render to texture useage.
  • vistest, crashbug when all nodes were visible
  • particleforces, were broken but are fixed now
20.4.2006 (V0.92)
  • shader params, the automatic parameters were often wrong
19.4.2006 (V0.92)
  • vertexarray, always mesh 0 was used
12.4.2006 (V0.92)
  • vistest, forgot to update visibility nodes when scenenodes were moved
1.4.2006 (V0.92)
  • int and floatarrays were casted wrongly.