April 2007


27.4.2007 camera is now l3dcamera (v0.97)
For more consistency the camera is now l3dcamera and inherits from l3dnode. This allows a few more capabilities such as linking camera to model bones, but also might cause some incompatibilities.
27.4.2007 garbage collection (v0.97)
Many of luxinia's core classes are now garbage collected. Any class that implements a ".new" constructor will be GC'ed. This is a major change to previous versions. Before you had to create/delete everything manually, now deletion will also be done when nodes are not referenced anymore from the lua side. More details how to work with the new system will come on release.
23.4.2007 l3dview l2dnode rendering (v0.97)
The l2dnodes can now be rendered within a l3dview. That is particular needed for render-to-texture GUIs?.
23.4.2007 triangle intersection test (v0.97)
Trimesh collision geometries can now return all intersected triangles, when other primitives collide with them. This is very useful for decal-mesh generation (such as bulletholes, explosion scorches..).
22.4.2007 lightnormal/reflect-map (v0.97)
The sunnormal/reflectmap mode for cubemap lighting is no longer limited to just the sun, but any of the 4 active lights. Paired with the soon-to-come pass setup for different lightcounts in shaders, one will be able to do improved lighting effects for fixed function as well.
10.4.2007 matautocontrol (v0.97)
To do effects such as the skyrendering where 3d nodes are tracked and transferred to texture matrices, a new system was added. It allows to control either vectors or textures/texgenplanes via 3d nodes. This allows more generic useages in the material/shader effects.
9.4.2007 skyl3d replaces skydome (v0.97)
The skydome was removed. Instead any l3dnode can serve as background. Translation of camera can still be be scaled for more static backgrounds.
6.4.2007 material/shader parameters (v0.97)
Materials can now set the texgen planes for automatic texturecoord generation in shaders. Shader parameters take upvalues, which means commands like VID_LIGHTPOSx loses the number x, which is now an additional argument for the "param" command. Warning this creates backwards incompatibilities.


  • l3dmodel.usemanualworld corrupted the node and didnt work as should (likely to crash)
  • model.new crashed as well
  • matobject's time wasn't used correctly.