April 2008

New features:

26.4.2008 rendersystem.swapinterval (v0.98)
VSynch? can be turned on/off from luxinia itself.
23.4.2008 SHD/MTL/PRT changes (v0.98)
The syntax of the resource scripts was changed so that commenting is now like in C using '//' and '/* ... */', this breaks backwards compatibility and therfore version numbers were raised for all fileformats. For SHD the blendmode VID_NORMALMAP was renamed to VID_NORMALMAPTAN, so that it more accurately describes tangent space normal mapping.
2.4.2008 fbo enhancements (render2texture) (v0.98)
'renderbuffer' can now be multisampled, and with rcmdfboblit, it's therefore possible to have render2texture with multisampling support. However a change to the system had to be done, 'rcmdfbo' is gone and replaced by 'renderfbo' and 'rcmdfbobind'. 'renderfbo' similar to 'renderbuffer' hosts the fbo, wild the bind command makes it active. Binding can now be done to the readbuffer as well, so that blitting from one to another fbo is possible (if hardware allows).


  • l3dview:multisample was removed, as it was ignored by drivers anyway.