August 2007


20.8.2007 Window resizing (v0.97)
In windowed mode resizing with mouse drag on window corners can now be enabled. There are is also a listener mechanism that enables you to react on the event, such as updating gui layouts. Before it was only possible to change window size via code.
17.8.2007 Luxinia DLL (v0.97)
From now on Luxinia is built as DLL, allowing multiple frontends as caller&window manager. Currently the main version will still use GLFW, but a future extra version using wxWidgets/wxLua is planned.


  • autodoc, several fixes to the html, auto-generated api documentation system.
  • shader texcombiner, the combiner string for custom blendmodes was not working as it should with some blend functions.
  • shader autovalue, CAM_DIR returned the wrong vector
  • gpuprograms, the default programs had a bug on latest generation cards who reported too many constants (gf8)