December 2006

New features:

28.12.2006 Video playback
texture.new2d allows rectangle textures and BGR data formats. A custom lua dll allows avi rendering on win32 systems into such a user texture.
25.12.2006 Shader param values
For texture stages some more automatic parameters were added useful for object space normal mapping.
20.12.2006 Material Control values
The materail contrallabe values are no longer limited to be just a single vector, but can actually have up to vector4 sizes. This makes changing color values and such easier and requires lesss controllables. Another addition to the mtl specification was that texmatrix can be passed manually (not just position,rot and scale). That way you can do shearing effects and also control per stage matrices easier.
16.12.2006 Passing External Window
On luxinia start a external win32 window handle can be passed, and luxinia will create its window as child window. Useful to integrate luxinia within a editor (in our case Java Frames).
14.12.2006 Texture keepsize on reload
when reloading a texture passing another file, the original texturesize can be preserved (e.g caching in thumbnails). You can also retrieve dimensions of the original image before it was scaled.
5.12.2006 Viewer Material Applying
The resource viewer now allows applying materials to meshes at runtime. Get it in the forum.
3.12.2006 LuxF3D? .fbx
The .fbx support was enhanced, there is a test build in the forum. LuxF3D? also supports swizzling and inverting axis.


  • windowsized textures were not working correctly
  • shader compiler fix for crossbar color modulate
  • Material_Auto ignored the TEX,.. parameters in front of textures
  • ComboBox? could create item window outside of view
  • viewer had problems with camera orientation after reload
  • viewer applied animations of previous model to new model
  • logfiles were sometimes not written in the main directory