New features:

7.12.2008 resource.h for exe frontend
In the doc/resource.h file you will find resource ID values for strings used in the startup exe. You can modify the strings with any exe resource manipulation app (e.g ResHack) for custom exe for your project. You can force load a certain projectpath. With that app or 's resource editor you can change the icon of the exe.

3.12.2008 SDK preparation
We are preparing C SDK for interfacing with luxinia more directly. Goal for early next year will be having the full api as C version as well. We will give out libraries to link with luxinia.dll, we also intend to recode luxf3d as lua dll and release it together with the other tools as open-source. Another goal is to add "distribution" maker to Estrela, so own .exe with custom icon and such can be created more easily.


Removed Features:

  • .mm loading. As part of the cleanup of luxinia and opening luxf3d the internal .mm loader was removed (this was a deprecated proprietary ascii format).