February 2006

New features:

28.2.2006 List2D? Scissoring (V0.91f)
every l2dnode can now be scissored so that only pixels within a given rectangle are drawn. We use this for our new GUI Module that is currently in the works.
27.2.2006 User Models (V0.91f)
Finally you can create models fully within lua code. This is useful for procedural geometry and own fileformat reading. Skinning weight support is not in yet, but will follow.
16.2.2006 Manual frame process (V0.91f)
along with the previous mentioned external control, the user can run the internal thinks/drawing and swapbuffer commands from lua, and can as well define how much time difference should be used.
15.2.2006 External Control (V0.91f)
luxinia can be controlled from other apps via communication thru stdin/out. This allows lua commands being sent as strings from applications coded in other languages, e.g Java.
2.2.2006 LuaDoc? / AutoDoc? (V0.91f)
The previously used autodoc.lua file moved now into a module. New types of documents can now easily be created by using tables describing the content of the files to be created. The html help file is now split up into the classes which are integrated in a html file that is using frames.
1.2.2006 l2dimage mesh (V0.91f)
by default the l2dimage is just a quad, but given the new vertexarray and indexarray interfaces the l2dimage can get its own mesh that is used on rendering. The mesh can be fully configured by the user and supports all OpenGL? primitive types ranging from points, lines to polygons.

Lua API changes

28.2.2006 vector3 (V0.91f)
vector3 will often return itself as resulting vector after operations.
27.2.2006 meshid (V0.91f)
vertex and triangle are deprecated in favor of using the index and vertexarray interfaces.
2.2.2006 list2d(V0.91f)
a rather big change is the inversion of viewing direction of the list2d items. This was needed as we had a bug with internal polygon winding. Sorry for all that were working on gui stuff, but we are working on our own gui module.
2.2.2006 matsurface(V0.91f)
texture did inherit from material, which was not correct. however mostly you can use texture or material on surfaces, that's why the renderinterface matsurface was born, which both mentioned classes implement.


28.2.2006 (V0.91f)
  • l2dimage, stippling did not work