February 2007

New features:

12.2.2007 GUI rewrite part II
GUI is now completely transformed to the new system and much faster.
8.2.2007 GUI rewrite part I
The GUI was partially rewritten so that it makes better use of the hierarchy in the l2dnode system. Further enhancements for this are due and will greatly boost performance, as much less work is done on the Lua side.
1.2.2007 F3D? version 260
a minor revision to the F3D? format, now uses UINT32? for index/vertex counts, also indices are stored as UINT32? or UINT16? depending on vertex count. This means restrictions ins triangle and vertex counts were lifted.


  • camera.toworld, bugfix with passing lviews in different window sizes
  • viewer, bugfix with changing window size during runtime
  • render.noparticles resulted into crash
  • scOperation, setting stencilops for backfaces (arg 1) didnt work.
  • luxf3d, packed wrong DLLs? for MESA