February 2008

New features:

27.2.2008 Cg #defines as resource.condition (v0.98)
The MTL and SHD script which use resource.conditions to allow preprocessor branching in the scripts, now check for defines in the Cg compiler string as well. So if you load a shader with "shader.load("myshader.shd","-DMYSTATE;")", you can use "IF:MYSTATE{...}" inside the SHD.
14.2.2008 Cg debug (v0.98)
several functions have been added to aid finding issues with cg compiler problems. With rendersystem.cgdumpbroken you can store compiled programs that failed to load and their filename is marked as such. With .cguseoptimal(false) you can disable setting optimal machine dependent compile parameters and therefore create more generic pre-compiled shaders.
12.2.2008 texture.create2drect (v0.98)
Texture.create2d(...) uses powerof2 or rectangle textures depending on dimension, whilst create2drect will enforce rectangle textures. This is useful if by chance a texture has powerof2 sizes but should be a rectangle texture nevertheless.
7.2.2008 Automatic switch between internal and windows mouse cursor (v0.98)
You can now use the "internal" l2d mouse whilst window mouse is inside luxinia, and once you leave window automatically the windows-cursor is enabled.
6.2.2008 Application Exit event (v0.98)
when the window is closed via "X" in the window title, this event can now be handled via a keybind. Internally a new special key is triggered "APPEXIT" and you can react to it. By default the keybind is set to close the application.
1.2.2008 windowpos returns (v0.98)
windowpos can now return the current window position. This value is also stored in the config.lua, so window position and size are remembered.


  • Cg Shader compiler, a driver bug in ATI's fragment program resulted into failing Cg shaders when multiple render targets were used, this is fixed now (option ATI_draw_buffers instead of ARB_draw_buffers for ATI cards)
  • MTL control of shader parameters was broken (when multiple controls existed)