New features:

24.2.2009 Cg Semantics
The built-in variables, e.g WorldMatrix? and others, can now be assigned via semantics, ie. float4x4 mywmat : WORLD. Common semantic names were chosen so that porting from HLSL .fx or other .cgfx files shall become easier.
7.2.2009 Further optimization
VisTest? now became a class, so you can influence the octrees used for visibility culling and fxlights finding. This allows to optimize for own needs and therefore raises overall speed. Despite adding all the features, the optimizations over the years kept luxinia's pace improving. The xmas game is now twice as fast as originally. There is still room for improvement and we will continue to make things faster, likely introducing multi-core useage.
5.2.2009 texture multi loading
Textures are now made unique by load type and filename, which means the same file can now be loaded with different types.


  • render.drawbonesnames names werent drawn at proper positions
  • l3dview.new(rcmdbias) rcmdbias was ignored