January 2006

New features:

29.1.2006 ranged visibility (V0.91f)
l3dnodes' visibility can be enabled or disabled based on camera distances. You can use this function to create your own LOD mechanism if needed, by linking multiple l3dnodes to the same actornode or scenenode and then give each l3dnode a different camera range.
22.1.2006 Mesh access (V0.91f)
Certain classes, such as models, allow now access on mesh level. You can change indices and vertex attributes such as color,normal and so on. This is the first step for the new usermodels which will be introduced soon.
17.1.2006 Modules (V0.91d)
The luascripts that come with luxinia are currently undocumented and are inconsistent in use and style. This will change now. For the next releases, a couple of new features will be added to Luxinia that are not located within the engine core itself, but in extend able scripts that simplify the use of Luxinia.
5.1.2006 Manual Passes (V0.91d)
Shaders now allow 'manual' compilation of passes. User can set passes and their blendmodes, but must guarantee they actually work within the picked technique. It allows greater control and more fx than automatic compilation. The shader manual will be updated once 0.91d is released.
3.1.2006 Multi Shaders (V0.91d)
Materials can now have up to 4 Shaders, the first one is the default. All others can be enabled in l3dviews for special processing. Imagine a special l3dview that renders "glow sources" into a texture, or "heat" distortion... up to you what you may use them for.
2.1.2006 Base Shaders (V0.91d)
If you want to surpass the pipeline for regular textured or simple colored meshes, you can now define baseshaders which are used instead. This eases switching to a fully programmable pipeline, as you can define vertex/pixel programs in your shaders.

Lua API changes

30.1.2006 l3dtrail (V0.91f)
l3dtrail can now be automatically closed so it behaves similar to lineloop.
20.1.2006 matrix (V0.91d)
l3dnode,actornode and scenenode now have a matrix16 get/set function. matrix16 also has a new lookat function, which allows to easier aim at other points.
19.1.2006 texture (V0.91d)
texture filtering can be turned off for individual textures.
17.1.2006 rotation angles (V0.91d)
all rotations now either take radians or degrees based on their function names (rotdeg,rotrad). There were some irregularities of radian or degree useage before which are now gone.
8.1.2006 actornode/scenenode/l3dnode rotation axis (V0.91d)
localrotaxis/worldrotaxis commands now allow to manually get and set rotation axis. Be warned so that you must make sure that all three make a orthonormal basis.
6.1.2006 reschunk.new (V0.91d)
now needs one more parameter, as now 2 terrain resourcetypes exist internally.


28.1.2006 (V0.91f)
  • cg skinning, vertexprograms with skinning support in Cg can now acceess the bonematrices via a float array with the name "bonematrices".
  • gpu skinning, optimized the programs a bit.
  • shader simple normalmap, the simple normal mapping support was changed in behavior. It now does perpixel lighting for the sun and pervertex for the fxlights. The vertexcolors are lost, but vertexalpha is preserved.
24.1.2006 (V0.91e)
  • openal, new openal version and option to turn sound completely off. This fixes some troubles people had with luxinia not starting at all.
  • input reset, on fullscreen toggle keys which were pressed before were still marked as pressed.
17.1.2006 (V0.91d)
  • bonecontrol, some functions reported errors even when correct arguments were passed.
  • luxf3d, md3 conversion had several bugs with texture assignments.
8.1.2006 (V0.91d)
  • f3dloader, there was crashbug in the loader when instanced meshes were used
  • f3dexporter 3dsmax, exporting multi-materials created illegal f3d files, also multi-materials no longer split a mesh if all their submaterials contain no textures.
4.1.2006 (V0.91d)
  • matrix16 and vector3, both leaked memory
2.1.2006 (V0.91d)
  • shaderparams, controlling shaderparams from materials was broken