January 2007

New features:

8.1.2007 jpg monochrome
grey value output for jpg saving added.
7.1.2007 Resource queries
Materials and Shaders can be queried if they use certain textures. A resourcechunk can also be asked to return the loaded resources in it.
6.1.2007 Viewer painter
The viewer can be used to paint into textures. Very simple painting, but works with custom shaders applied. more info. Along several enhancements to texture data manipulation were made. You can use floatarrays to update more pixels at once.
5.1.2007 Viewer collide
collision with viewer loaded models (coordinate and mesh feedback).
3.1.2007 trail array access
trail points can be updated with tpNext/tpPrev, or passing flaotarrays, which will mass update all points. Useful for generating points along splines, with the floatarray spline functions.
2.1.2007 GUI
several new Setters/Getters for existing Components (such as matsurface for ImageComponent?).


  • ffxsnap, snapwidth was used as snapheight, which means only square textures worked.
  • trail, bugfix with color changes
  • console/pgraph, window resolution independent
  • camera, toworld was wrong when l3dview was passed
  • gui, fixes to focustransfer