January 2008

New features:

24.1.2008 SHD/PRT/MTL block commenting (v0.98)
to do multiline comments you can use #{ ... }# from now on.
20.1.2008 Shader/Material Cg preprocessor (v0.98)
When loading shaders or materials you can specify the preprocessor string that will be added to cg preprocessor. That way you can load the same material/shader twice but with unique preprocessor directives and internally it will be unique with each combination of compiler instructions.
14.1.2007 Shader changesv0.98)
With the new Cg2.0 and internal optimizations for the shader pipeline various things were added. "lowCgProfile" is a flag that lets gpuprograms use the low profiles (arbvp1,arbfp1), which are most common. New automatic parameters such as "TEXSIZE" and "TEXSIZEINV" were added to get texture dimensions of bound textures. "TEXLMSCALE" gets the multiplier of the texture if its used as lightmap.
12.1.2007 screenshot rectangle (v0.98)
The screenshot function can now do partial grabbing of window, so smaller rectangles can be stored as well.
8.1.2008 zip archive projects (v0.98)
All resources and lua scripts can now also be loaded from zip archives. Starting Luxinia with a zip archive with the suffix .lxz as argument will load it like a project directory, which allows it to zip complete projects into a single file and executing them.
6.1.2008 Cg compiled shaders (v0.98)
To create compiled versions you can use "cgdumpcompiled". When loading compiled versions they can be packed via virtual files (zip,...), uncompiled Cg files must remain outside of such mechanism. However the whole setup around loading pre-compiled shaders improved. It now takes cgprofiles and preprocessor strings into account as well.
5.1.2008 getMACAddress (v0.98)
a function to retrieve MAC address of first network adapter.
2.1.2008 shadercgparamhost (v0.98)
A class that allows creation for Cg parameters to which other shader parameters with same name are linked to.