July 2007


30.7.2007 Threading (v0.97)
In order to run libs that require to be threaded (like the wxLua lib, as the screenshot shows), it is necessary that a different thread can be launched. As it is problematic and discouraged running multiple threads in the same luastate because of performance reasons, a more lightweight approach is now possible: The mainthread can now start new threads that are unable to access the luxinia core functions directly, but that canstill reload any normal lua lib. The communication is done using an exchange luastate.
26.7.2007 l3dnode permanent lookat (v0.97)
All l3dnodes can now have matrices changed on the fly to face the currrent active Camera. Local matrices are then used as local offsets. That way you can have l3dtext attached to other l3dnodes easily.
21.7.2007 l3dtrail distance (v0.97)
Added functions to get closest trailpoint or closest distance to a l3dtrail.
1.7.2007 floatarray interpolation (v0.97)
The functions that generate interpolated steps from one key floatarray to another target array, can now have a override parameter in how many keys are used.


30.7.2007 Renamed lua dll (v0.97)
Changed the name luajit.dll to lua5.1.dll, which fixed the incompatibility to other lua lib distributions. Most lualib binaries that are linked against lua 5.1 should run now without problems or recompilation.
  • matrix/actor.lookat function had wrong orientation when aiming along Z was used