June 2007


26.6.2007 Math (v0.97)
Added quaternion functions to matrix class, and standalone quaternion operations. Also dgeoms can have a matrix set/get now.
22.6.2007 Cg GLSL support (v0.97)
We migrated to the latest Cg 1.5 version, and now unlock GLSL profiles internally for ATI ShaderModel3? cards. So they can make use of loops as well. As the Cg compiler is yet a bit buggy with the GLSL output, we allow passing pre-compiled Cg shaders, too. This allows some manual bugfixes in the glsl code, until new versions of Cg fix it.
21.6.2007 rendersystem (v0.97)
Some functions from system, and render class were moved into this new class, as rendersystem describes better what they are for.
20.6.2007 vertex16color (v0.97)
A new vertextype was publised to allow more efficient point rendering. The vertex only contains position and color values.
19.6.2007 depth textures(v0.97)
Shader-stages can now define whether a depthtexture is used in depthcompare mode or not. This is very useful if you want to read real depth values (which is possible in OpenGL? since introduction of depth textures, but in DirectX? only since dx10), like for soft particles as seen in Crysis or other games.
18.6.2007 performance improvement(v0.97)
The communication between Lua and Luxinia was improved greatly, and is much faster than before. This mostly shows in tasks like setting individual pixels or accessing other core-arrays. Another improvement made was in the rendering speed. After a drop in speed from 0.95 to 0.96, 0.97 will be faster than any release before, even though offering the biggest feature set.
14.6.2007 window texturematrix (v0.97)
As the special fullwindow textures, can either be power-of-2 or rectangle, they require a special texturematrix. This is automatically applied when texture is part of a material, else the user had to make one himself, this functions will return the same matrix used as in material system.


  • morphable l3dmodels, crashbug
  • texture, tga 8-bit loader didn't work properly