March 2006

New features:

25.3.2006 Camera Clipping (V0.92)
Camera allows an arbitrary clipping plane to specified. (useful for creating planar reflections).
24.3.2006 FileSystem? (V0.92)
The filesystem is more abstracted and the user can directly influence how luxinia searches for files (as this function can be scripted in lua) as well as function to access filedata. Which means you can load data from zip or other sources (using lualibs) and you can also create virtual files. For example this way you can create texture data in your own lualibs and pass it to luxinia's tgaloader (without creating tga file, just using the direct memory).
18.3.2006 ParticleForce? (V0.92)
The particleforces can be accessed from lua and there are two new (actually old but finally activated) types. Those will attract or push particles away from their positions, called magnet (with range falloff) and target (no falloff). All forces can be limited to certain particle ages with start and endtime of their effect.
9.3.2006 GUI Module (V0.92)
A new GUI module makes it easier to create gui modules just as we know them. Buttons, frames and textfields do work right now. The module cares about sorting and focusing the elements as same as mouseevents such as mouseentering and mouseexiting a component. Components can be anything, for example skinned images, which means that an image template is used to create resizeable components.

Lua API changes

26.3.2006 Model Skin (V0.92)
you can access skin data or create own skins for user models. Skining is used to deform vertices with weighted bone influences. This means that the command now allows to create a fully featured model, which is useful for creating procedural geometry or loading own fileformats.
25.3.2006 Draw Helpers (V0.92)
finally all helpers work and you can draw model's normals, bones, boundingboxes and so on.
9.3.2006 Sound (V0.92)
A soundlistener class and various new function plus fixes on the soundnode class makes the soundsystem more usable.
7.3.2006 rfLitSun (V0.92)
rfLit is past, instead use rfLitSun and/or rfLitFX to make use of realtime lighting. This split was needed to allow baked lighting in vertexcolors to be used with just fxlights and not "doublelit" with sun.


28.3.2006 (V0.92)
  • reschunk bug fixed when deleting textures
7.3.2006 (V0.92)
  • vertexarray, often illegally returned 4 instead of 3 parameters to luastack