March 2007

New features:

28.3.2007 Texture access(v0.97)
The pixel/sample function were unified and now support all texture types (1d,2d,3d,cube). Here is small sample showing a 3d texture in action.
15.3.2007 Window improvements(v0.97)
Always-on-top option was added, as well as Fullscreen Anti-Aliasing. You can specify samples used for FSAA, and disable anti-aliasing per l3dview. Although the latter is often ignored by driver.
9.3.2007 Resource userstring(v0.97)
a special userstring, can be set for all resource types. Practical to store some flags, which are persistent.
8.3.2007 IDE previewer kicked
the concept didnt work so well, instead the IDE will directly communicate with the luxinia built-in resource viewer.
6.3.2007 IDE resource previewer
The IDE now has a optional output window to preview all of luxinia's visual resource types. Currently only basic support exists, but it will be enhanced soon.
4.3.2007 system.sleep(v0.97)
Lets the engine sleep for a given time.
1.3.2007 float Textures(v0.97)
The DDS loader now supports float32 and float16 formats. If hardware allows the engine can now use and create float textures as well. This means cards with Shader Model 3 support can also access such textures in the VertexShader? (currently only Nvidia is supported thru Cg, GLSL profiles of Cg are still too buggy).


  • particles, ignored force/ignore- renderflags of l3dview
  • particles, left their lightmaps on, which can corrupt objects rendered afterwards (mostly gui)
  • material, MATERIAL_AUTO accidently used first texture, for multiple stages
  • shader, some fixes for colorstages/newpass interaction and too many passes generated when colorstage is followed by texturestage with vertexcolors.
  • skydome, bugfix on delete, as well as texturematrix corrupting gui
  • material, no longer crashes when special textures are used outside of their context