March 2008

New features:

23.3.2008 Static Array Ptrs (v0.98)
The dataptrs to static array's memory were published, so that other lua-loaded dlls can copy content into then.
:22.3.2008 Matrix4x4 (v0.98). matrix16 was renamed to matrix4x4, which describes it better. Also functions were added to compress it to 3x3 or 3x4 matrices as used in Cg.
10.3.2008 Resource Default Chunk (v0.98)
The core memory chunk for must-have resources (textures,gpuprograms mostly) was minimized so less memory is being wasted.
4.3.2008 Memory Pool & List3D? Control (v0.98)
It is now possible to define resource limits for rendering/buffer pools and list3d from command line. This is a very risky operation and memory pool useage should be profiled before, but it can help to reduce wasted memory. It is possible to define how many l3dsets, l3dlayers and maximum nodes per layer can be used now.
3.3.2008 Profiling stats (v0.98)
With 'render.drawstats(true)' more information on resource and memory useage can be examined. This was in preparation of refined memory control.
2.2.2008 VisTest? optimization (v0.98)
To speed-up vis-testing the support of attaching l3dnodes of different l3dsets to the same spatialnode was removed. This was a very unlikely feature that just cost time, and can be worked around.
1.3.2008 FXUtils? (v0.98)
A new Lua-based class that contains helpers for effect setup. Such as blurring/filtering of textures (both 2D and Rectangle) and cubemap rendering setup.


  • l3dview was not windowsized on default, although should be
  • render.drawtexture didn't support rectangle textures