New features:

25.3.2009 lualanes for threading
The old system for threading in Lua (tls) was removed instead the lualanes library ships with luxinia and is used in Tutorial27.
15.3.2009 l3dtrail array access
The scalararray can be used to access the l3dtrail data directly. It's also possible to manipulate the width of a trail asymmetrically.
12.3.2009 ScalarArray?
This is a major interface for numerical operations based on C-arrays. It is faster than lua tables, when lots of numerical work needs to be done, and allows to directly operate on built-in arrays (ie no copy operation needed) and makes use of SSE instructions for float operations. Data is multi-dimensional so 1D,2D or 3D data can be represented. The old staticarrays are superceded by this. Although for few elements and simple ops floatarray and intarray can be faster. ScalarArray? allows a lot of complex operations such as interleaving vectors, different datatypes... Also useful to access data from luxinia directly from other lua dlls.
7.2.2009 GuiHelpers?
addSlider now stores the labels in the returned slider table.
2.3.2009 Compatibility
The compatibility system now takes the starting version from which compatbility layer is added as input. By default this is the last "official" major release.


  • texture.resizing - in rare conditions could cause visual texture loss


  • tls (threaded lua state), instead use lualanes (see Tutorial27)
  • ushortarray and ubytearray, use scalararray instead.
  • texture.arrayops and convfilter removed. Can be done via scalararray or custom lua plugin.
  • texture.datastring - use mounted scalararray instead
  • simplecollision and its subclasses (simpleshape,sphere,simplespace)