May 2006

New features:

26.5.2006 DDS Texture (V0.92b)
DDS file support was added. (1d,2d,3d,cube). As cubemaps might be oriented differently, the user can set a skybox.globalrotation parameter which will rotate skybox cubemaps, used in the skyreflectmap texgen mode in shaders as well.
User Textures now support mipmapping (if hardware allows it).
26.5.2006 ParticleEmitter? type (V0.92b)
A new ParticleEmitter? type "RectangleLocal?" was added, which compared to the "Rectangle" emitter is not in world space, but local space. The user can now also change the emitter type after a new l3dpemitter was created. Which means one is not bound to a single emitter type per particlesystem anymore.
25.5.2006 l3dlayer multipass (V0.92b)
A full l3dlayer can be rendered in several passes, and you can define with a special string what sould be done (setting stencil functions, renderflags..). Useful for stencil effects.
19.5.2006 Projectmanager (V0.92a)
The Projectmanager (default startup GUI) has been extended for a few new features. A textfield allows to add new projects to the projectlist easily. A lot of options for video and startup options can be configured from there also easily with checkboxes and slider GUI elements.
19.5.2006 Stencil support (V0.92a)
Stencil support was added, a few renderflags were added and a special stencilcommand interface.
18.5.2006 GUI (V0.92a)
The GUI code rewriting is now nearly finished. Some older function are still available but will be deleted soon. The textfield alows now to select text with arrow keys or with the mousecursor. The selections can be copied and pasted to and from the clipboard with the normal keys (CTRL+C/ CTRL+V/ CTRL+X). Other small imporvements has been added too. Additionaly, two new classes have been added: Sliders and checkboxes.
18.5.2006 l3dview depthonly (V0.92a)
l3dviews can be rendered in depthonly mode, useful for depthtexture grabbing or performance tweaks. It is not fully optimized yet, but faster than manual colormasking.
17.5.2006 World Bones (V0.92a)
l3dmodels can have their bone systems computed in world space. This combined with the new "abs" bonecontroller allows models to be linked to physics controlled actors, also known as rag-dolls :)
16.5.2006 GUI (V0.92a)
Parts of the GUI system have been rewritten. The abstract representation of the components is now detached from the visual appearance. This makes it easier to write new components and reusing parts which care only about displaying the component and also writing new visual elements without touching the component code. As a positive sideeffect the component class has now fewer subclasses while still providing even more functionality.
14.5.2006 Text Printing (V0.92a)
the text printing was rewritten and allows user specified fonts. You can use 3 different gridtypes (6x6,8x8,16x16) for the font texture, and you can define width and gridposition for each character. You can also get the dimensions of how much space the l2dtext/l3dtext will take when printed. l3dtext was also introduced to print text in perspective viewport as well. As all 255 characters can now be made use of, l3dtext is also suitable for sprite effects.
14.5.2006 texture save (V0.92a)
textures can be saved to files, this is useful for user-created textures.
11.5.2006 Lua Core (V0.92a)
new utilfunctions to convert numberformats (char, short, int, float, double) to binary strings and reverse.
9.5.2006 GUI (V0.92a)
A new Buttongroup class for grouping pushbuttons is now available. Skinablebuttons can have icons now.
9.5.2006 ODE Functions (V0.92a)
the collidetest function for geoms can receive a third argument now, specifying which arrays of collision information are of interest.
8.5.2006 Lua Core (V0.92a)
Luxinia can compile now lua functions without debug information which is useful for compiling final source files that are distributed.
2.5.2006 Lua Core (V0.92a)
Objects can store now private values in Luxinia. I.e. a geom can now save a value inside the userdataobject: geom =,1,1) geom.myvalue = x. This makes the hashid class deprecated.
2.5.2006 l3dmodel bone access (V0.92a)
bone positions, rotation... can be accessed from l3dmodel as well. Depending on the type of l3dmodel the reference or the last used animation bone states are returned.
1.5.2006 depth texture (V0.92a)
texture.new2d can be a depth texture as well.

Lua API changes

27.5.2006 matrix16 rotation (V0.92b)
seteuler and setrotationrad are gone and matrix16 now uses the same rotation functions (rotrad,rotdeg,rotaxis) as most other nodes.
25.5.2006 l3dnode delete (V0.92b)
optional parameter added if children should not be deleted.
19.5.2006 config.lua (V0.92a)
some of luxinias base configurations were stored in config.env, now this was moved to base/config.lua and also an options dialog was added to the projectmananger.
18.5.2006 bonecontrol (V0.92a)
bonecontrol only needs a boneid in constructor and now you can delete all bonecontrols with one command, itis no longer needed to manually clean them up.
17.5.2006 l3dlayerid nosort (V0.92a)
sorting can no longer be disabled individually, however l3dviews allow sort disabling.
14.5.2006 texture filter (V0.92a)
the nofilter command no longer exists but was replaced with "filter". It takes a boolean and can be used to enable/disable texture filtering.
14.5.2006 l2dtext (V0.92a)
the style parameter no longer exists but was replaced by fontset class.
10.5.2006 GUI (V0.92a)
Skinablebutton and textbutton deprecated. Both are united now in the button class. Same for other skinable components. Instead, a new skin class is created which can be applied to a component.


28.5.2006 (V0.92b)
  • actornode lookat, optional axis was needed (thanks Duka)
27.5.2006 (V0.92b)
  • skybox cubemapfix, with the .dds support a bug in the skybox rendering showed up and was fixed.
25.5.2006 (V0.92b)
  • crcerror, no longer crashes luxinia when crc check failed
  • l3dnode.delete, linked lights crashed
22.5.2006 (V0.92b)
  • stencil fixes, several issues with stencil functions resolved, now works fine.
19.5.2006 (V0.92a)
  • fullscreen/bpp toggle, sometimes fullscreen or bpp changes resulted into undefined behavior or crashes
18.5.2006 (V0.92a)
  • mm loader, texture coordinates were not loaded correctly for vertex64
  • l3dview, deactivate actually deleted the l3dview, fixed.
13.5.2006 (V0.92a)
  • FileLoader?, upper case file extensions were not identified correctly
12.6.2006 (V0.92a)
  • Animation, negative playback speed did break loop behavior
7.5.2006 (V0.92a)
  • Cg bugfixes, various bugs when Cg shaders were used.
5.5.2006 (V0.92a)
  • particle force unlink, when a force waslinked, and the linked node deleted, there was a crash
3.5.2006 (V0.92a)
  • Animation assigns, when an animation was assigned to different models, there was a crash