May 2007


30.5.2007 parenting prevents gc (v0.97)
SceneNodes?, l2dnodes and l3dnodes now prevent garbagecollection of their children, unless they are the internal "root" node. As 0.97 will make nearly all data garbagecollected, this was needed for easier creation of hierarchies that should not be deleted.
26.5.2007 shader multipass parameter (v0.97)
Now parameters of the same gpuprogram that change their values from one pass to another, can be identified properly, and set thru matobjects.
21.5.2007 texture.upload (v0.97)
Uploaded data can come from staticarrays (which now support unsigned byte). This means that manual created textures dont require a full data copy, but can be submitted partially (streamed) from the staticarray. Also the new class textype (similar to vertextype) was born, to have more convenient descriptors of internalformats for textures and renderbuffers.
16.5.2007 texture.pixelbyte (v0.97)
pixel access is now not only float but also allows byte (0-255) data.
14.5.2007 l3d drawing revision (v0.97)
l3dviews now process a serieas of rendercommands, which handle effects such as copytotexture, drawing l3dlayers, particles... That way a lot more flexbility is achieved, but it severley breaks backwards compatibility. For new effects such as enhanced render-to-texture this kind of new control however was needed. Along with the l3dlayeropcodes the framefx system was removed entirely.
9.5.2007 consistency (v0.97)
All child classes of l3dnode now share the same constructor mask= (name,[layer],...)
6.5.2007 Cg includes (v0.97)
Include command is now supported in Cg files, that however means that virtual files (such as passed as lua string) are not compatible with Cg files.


  • window.res, returned nil when it shouldn't.
  • texture3d, some bugfixes regarding crashbugs on uploads of 3d textures.