November 2007


23.11.2007 Texture data and staticarray (v0.98)
creating unsigned short datatype is now supported, as well as loading data from staticarrays. Staticarray also got a new subtype "ushortarray". There are also functions for converting one array into another type.
12.11.2007 3dsmax 64-bit exporter
compiled the exporter for 64-bit versions of 3dsmax.
10.11.2007 l3dnode children novistest (v0.98)
The novistest flag can now be set for l3dnode children as well. That way children can be always visible, even if their parents are not. (useful for special effect stuff)


  • l3dnode:parent(non l3dnode) now works correctly to unlink a l3dnode
  • quaternion bugfix