New features:

19.11.2008 disable internal keys
The hardcoded keys for screenshot, console, record functions (F1,F3,F4,F11) can now be disabled in the input class.
16.11.2008 returned pointers
Pointers returned by the api (such as vertexarray/image data) are now returned as Lua "lightuserdata", not longer as numbers.
15.11.2008 l3dview immediate draw
With l3dview.drawnow you can execute the drawcommands directly for non-activated l3dviews. This is mostly useful for texture generation/modification from shader code, that isnt needed every frame.
15.11.2008 Shader Model 4 features
Texture arrays as found in shadermodel4 hardware were added. As Luxinia uses OpenGL? those features are exposed under Windows 2K/XP as well. Texture arrays are a set of stacked 1D or 2D images, which are filtered within a slice but not between. Along with this the VID_CG_SM4 technique was added. It requires texture arrays, and integer operations inside the shader. Currently only Nvidia hardware exposes these features.
7.11.2008 window.iconify/restore
Added functions to allow minimize/maximize of window.


  • indexarray.ptrs returned wrong values
  • index/vertexarray.UpdateVBO? passing "to" parameter resulted into no update at all

Removed features:

  • l2dnode.l3dtarget/l3dtargetoff was removed as it was inaccurate with the l3dview system and is better to do manually.