October 2007


16.10.2007 Ogg music (v0.98)
A new music class allows now Ogg vorbis sound playback.
2.10.2007 sound (v0.98)
After some feedback on sound bugs, the implementation of the sound library was extended to print out more information on the sound device into the log as same as allowing to switch between different sounddevices, if available, which can be done now in the options.
1.10.2007 resource changes (v0.98)
The reschunk allocators can now take negative floats as resource counts. Such numbers are used as multiplier of total slots, ie -0.25 means a quarter of all slots should be used. If less slots are available the maximum will be taken. Also some minor consistency changes with the deprecation of all "new" functions within resource system, instead "create" is used (affects terrain and particlecloud). This was done to make it easier to see which things are garbage collected and which not.
1.10.2007 frame info (v0.98)
You can query the current drawframe and also find out the frame when a l3dnode was last drawn. Be aware that even when rfNodraw is set on the node, it will get a current lastframe, as long as it passed visibility testing.


  • Passing user data to a luxinia function that were not created by luxinia, might have caused a crash. This is fixed.
  • hotfix on the problem when too many soundsources are playing at the same time, but needs more fine tuning as it does not respect stereo / mono sound sources, which have different limits
  • model.createfinish (former .newfinish) did result into a crash. Also user created meshes (either in model or l3dprimitive) now allow vertexcounts greater 65536
  • fixed bug in dimension calculation of the l2dtext printing which didn't respect the vnnn (number-number-number) syntax