September 2007


13.9.2007 projection matrix (v0.97)
The projection matrix of cameras and projectors can be manually set, useful if you want to do some custom distortion. The regular projection hints such as fov, aspect or orthographic width remain to be the standard way.
12.9.2007 l3dview filling (v0.97)
l3dviews can be set to skip filling the drawlayers (default false). Disabling can be useful for effect/render-target l3dviews, when visibility doesnt change between l3dviews, that way only the first needs to fill drawlayers, and others wont have those costs again.
11.9.2007 Particle addons (v0.97)
The l3dpemitter can be used to change subsystem emitter values as well. Can be practical if you want to change properties such as initial scale from the defaults. Another addon to particlesystems was that you can specify the layer in which they are drawn in the resource file itself, plus subsystems wont be drawn in the parent layer. This means you can code a single particle effect using subsystems and so on and let them draw in different layers, like used for heat distortion and so on. The new Sparc Demo will make use of that.
9.9.2007 Material Texcontrol (v0.97)
Similar to the control values, which allow per-object assignments of shaderparameters/texturecoordinate transforms, one can finally change textures of the texturestages in a material as well. This means less materials need to be defined, and is mostly practical to post-process effects, or shared special textures, such as shadowmaps.
8.9.2007 Resource Sub ids (v0.97)
All ressubids (matcontrolid,meshid,shaderparamid...) now support retrieving host info (which material/shader. they came from). Also a bit more error checking is done when using shaderparamids and matcontrolids, to make sure they are not apply able to the wrong shader/material.
7.9.2007 Shader parameter arrays (v0.97)
Finally you cannot just use single float4 user parameters but also float4 arrays as shader parameters. Accessing and changing them works similar as the single floats, just needs an array index. Combine with material controllables (matcontrolid), you can create per-object parameter arrays.
4.9.2007 Window minimum size (v0.97)
a minimum size of the window can now be set, which is especially useful for the new resizemode.


  • material, lots of fixes regarding controllables and shader parameter overrides
  • texture, the manual lua sample function is now accurate and matches openGL.