New features:

24.9.2008 Shader improvements (v1.281)
some internal cleanups which strictly separate better between manual passes/gpuprogram pipeline and automatic pass generator. 'NewPass?' renamed to 'DrawPass?', added stateflag command to drawpasses so you can enable and disable certain state flags (depthtest, cullface..) in a pass. Futhermore the RenderFlag? also supports blendmode and now properly copies to renderflag interface and rendersurface settings when the shader is assigned. As as result however the "alphatest" parameter is no longer controllable/modifyable using the .mtl special commands. You can still use regular rendersurface interface however (which is more consistent with the rest of the system).
23.9.2008 rcmddepth (v1.281)
added this rendercommand to have more control on depthtest's comparemode. The command is also part of simple renderqueue as "rDepth".
8.9.2008 texture specific compression (v1.281)
added control strings for texture loading, e.g texture.load("dxt5";mytex.png"). With 'dxt1','dxt3' and 'dxt5' you can enforce specific compression methodes when supported.
7.9.2008 vertex/indexarray partial vbo submit (v1.281)
when vertices or indices are stored in vbos, they cann now be partially updated (faster).


  • render_multisamples in config.lua could be corrupted and causing hardcrash, especially on systems not supporting multisampling.
  • texture.createfullwindow "datatype" was ignored