Estrela Editor

Estrela Editor is our wxLua-based editor primarly serving as Luxinia IDE, of course it can be used for any Lua coding. It has code completion, api tooltips and is (open-source/free). Hosted on SourceForge. Estrela has its origins in a wxLua sample by J. Winwood & John Labenski.

Paul Kulchenko has extended Estrela and turned it into ZeroBrane Studio, with ZBStudio? leading the future.

Simply grab the latest-snapshot from git, it will include required binaries, however all relevant files are pure lua:

zbstudio github repository

zbstudio graphicscodepack github repository

original repository:

sourceforge git repository

Where is estrela.exe?

zbstudio IDE integration can be found in the luxinia repository.



  • written in Lua, so easily customizable
  • automatically loads several 'plugin' like classes
    • specs: file syntax, lexer, keywords
    • apis: for code-completion and tool-tips
    • interpreters: how a project is run (e.g. starting luxinia, lua commandline, or integrated lua shell)
    • config: contains style and basic editor settings
    • tools: additional tools, e.g. cg compiler, dx fxc compiler
  • lua-shell to directly test code snippets
  • auto-completion for functions, keywords...
  • function tips
  • function list in file (quick jump to)
  • function call highlighting
  • project file browser (create new files in selected subdirectory)
  • experimental type/class guessing for auto-completion
  • different editor styles possible



auto-completion with partial matching

auto-completion with api resolve

api tooltips

project browser


lua shell for running code directly

function highlighting

functions in file list

experimintal type guessing / type assignment

LuaJIT? FFI to Estrela API

converts structs, enums, consts...