Project Xmas


Project Xmas had its roots in our first engine. But it was quite low-level and not quite finished. We now took up the challenge to remake this game and Luxinia is a great help. It was astonishing how quick the game logic was setup. Even a comfortable mapeditor was made within a few days! The whole project consists of about 3800 lines of luacode (this is the mapeditor, vehicle test and the full game), which is very few! →Forum Discussion


The download is now available at Download. It is now part of the default package.


What is the game about?

You are playing Santa Clause and your goal is to deliver all christmas presents to the houses by throwing them into the chimneys.

The maps

We wrote a very basic, but useful editor that allows to edit maps easily. Even though it is not very user-friendly, we include it in the package since we believe that it gives you a good clue about what can actually be done in Luxinia using only Lua. The map is a hash and in theory it is unlimited in size and can contain holes. The map consists of 3D tiles that can be modelled very rich in detail. And since it does a full collision check using the actual triangles, you can insert even cars and other physically simulated objects!


Try to make use of the shadow for aiming properly. If the game runs too slow you might want to lower the weather details. The game ran at 15fps even on a P3 500 Mhz with GeForce? 2.