Cinema 4D Export

Luxinia F3D? Model Toolkit (downloadable in the Download section)


  1. Extract files into the plugins directory of c4d (can be placed in subdirectory)
  2. (Re-)start c4d


There are three new export options, if the installation was successful (check console otherwise and report bugs if errors are shown exist).

  • MM Export: Hardly used ASCII export format that can be read by Luxinia
  • F3D? Export: Used for exporting the currently selected object, which must be a meshmodel
  • F3D? Group Export: Select an object that has child objects that are made of meshmodels. It will then export all of them as distinct modelfiles with the name of the object - useful if lots of objects are needed to be exported.

Also, a new plugin is available named ppcount - it will count the (real) triangles and points of the selected meshobject and reports them. The reported number of triangles/points is identical to the used triangles in Luxinia for the object.