Estrela for Cg

This assumes you are a bit familiar with Estrela already and have looked at Estrela01. Make sure you have the Cg Toolkit installed on your system and a cfg/user.lua with the contents of cfg/estrela.lua, else the Cg menu will not show.

Tooltips (Ctrl-T within function brackets) should work for all built-in Cg standard functions.


You select the profile you want to compile for (only OpenGL? profiles for the moment) and compile the shader by selecting the current entry function. Easiest is to use the shortcuts visible on the shot.

This will generate a file with a specific output naming convention, so that luxinia could load the same shader precompiled. (luxinia can also dump all shaders with rendersystem.cgdumpcompiled)

Refresh the project subdirectory to (close/open or right click refresh) see the new content in the explorer.

Error Checking

The output of the compiler is captured and double clicking a error line should jump to the line and file in the editor.