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# Luxinia ![ ](../uploads/Main/car.png) Luxinia is a 3D open-source engine written in C that uses [OpenGL](http://www.opengl.org), [Lua](http://www.lua.org), [GLFW](http://www.opengl.org), [OpenAL](http://www.openal.org) and [ODE](http://opende.sourceforge.net/) physics. As user you do not need any compilers but purely work with the high-level language Lua to code your projects. The engine design goals were: - [Easy to use](Tutorials.md.html) - [Extensible](Api.Extend.md.html) - [Entirely scriptable from the outside](Development.md.html) - [Entertaining samples](Projects.md.html) The Luxinia engine was developed by [Christoph Kubisch](https://twitter.com/pixeljetstream) (engine core technology) and [Eike Decker](https://twitter.com/zet23t) (gui, games, physics/lua integration) primarily from 2004 to 2008 during studies at university. This website was converted from the original wiki into [markdeep](https://casual-effects.com/markdeep/), not all of the original content was preserved. However, it can be found on the [internet archive](https://web.archive.org/web/20080103153118/http://www.luxinia.de:80/index.php). - [Old News Log]("Main.News.md.html") # Source and License The sourcecode can be found [on GitHub](https://github.com/pixeljetstream/luxinia1). It is provided under a mix of BSD-3 and MIT licensed files. The packaged downloads use [following license](../uploads/Main/license.txt). # Downloads **Please do not link to the files directly** ## Engine Runtime & Samples * Luxinia Version 1.400 Win32 * [Download ](http://www.luxinia.de/download/luxinia_v1400.zip) * all new Tutorial framework with [Tutorials](Tutorials.md.html) from website and more samples. * [Games/ProjectXmas](Games.ProjectXmas.md.html), [Games/Sparc](Games.Sparc.md.html), [Games/Actinoids](Games.Actinoids.md.html) * 28 MB * File Date: 6th December 2009 * Luxinia Version 0.97 Win32 * [Download ](http://www.luxinia.de/download/luxinia_v097.zip) * 16 MB * 9 sample projects ([Games/ProjectXmas](Games.ProjectXmas.md.html), [Games/Sparc](Games.Sparc.md.html), [Demos/Q3Level](Demos.Q3Level.md.html), [Demos/Skydome](Demos.Skydome.md.html), [Demos/NormalMap](Demos.NormalMap.md.html), [Demos/TileTexTerrain](Demos.TileTexTerrain.md.html), [Demos/ChromeCar](Demos.ChromeCar.md.html), [Games/Actinoids](Games.Actinoids.md.html), Gui/Nettest) * Tutorialframework with a few guided samples * File Date: 16th September 2007, 21:12 ## Engine Source * Luxinia 1.x on github * source code of engine runtime. Far less tested than above versions. Active development of luxinia1 has ceased, this is a code snapshot of its last state. * https://github.com/pixeljetstream/luxinia1 * 13th July 2014 ## Tools * Estrela Editor * free wxLua-based Editor serving as IDE for Luxinia * auto completion, api tooltips... * [sourceforge site](http://sourceforge.net/projects/estrelaeditor/) and [ info here](Estrela.Estrela.md.html) * Luxinia F3D Model Toolkit Version 2.2 * [Download](http://www.luxinia.de/download/luxinia_tools_v22.zip) * 2.2 MB * [Tools/3DSMax Export](Tools.3DSMaxExport.md.html), [Tools/Cinema4D Export](Tools.Cinema4DExport.md.html) plugins * [Tools/LuxF3D](Tools.LuxF3D.md.html) f3d conversion/optimizer (.f3d, .mm, .md3, .obj, .3ds, .bsp, .ms3d, .b3d, .fbx, .dae), animation output (.3ds, .ms3d, .b3d, .fbx, .dae). Local 2 tangentspace normalmap conversion. * [Tools/BitFontGen](Tools.BitFontGen.md.html) font generator (turn fonts to tga + lua data) * File Date: Monday, November 13th 2007, 14:36 * Luxinia SHD/PRT/MTL , Nvidia Cg Syntax Files 1.4 * [ CrimsonEditor](http://www.luxinia.de/download/luxina_mtlshdprt_cg_crimsoneditor.zip ) File Date: Sunday, July 20, 2008, 13:07 ## Other releases * [Luxinia 1.5 sdk](http://www.luxinia.de/download/luxinia_v1500sdk.zip) * [Toolkit 2.1](http://www.luxinia.de/download/luxinia_tools_v21.zip) * [Luxinia 1.380](http://www.luxinia.de/download/luxinia_v1380.zip) * [Luxinia 1.375](http://www.luxinia.de/download/luxinia_v1375.zip) * [Luxinia 1.331](http://www.luxinia.de/download/luxinia_v1331.zip) * [Luxinia 0.96](http://www.luxinia.de/download/luxinia_v096.zip) # Features ## Key Features * [Standalone](Main.Standalone.md.html) * [Fast and Free Development](Main.FastAndFreeDevelopment.md.html) * [No Compiler Required](Main.NoCompilerRequired.md.html) A detailed way to see all capabilites is checking the documentation of: * [Luxinia Api](http://www.luxinia.de/doc/frames) * [Api/Shader](https://github.com/pixeljetstream/luxinia1/blob/master/engine/source/luxinia_shdscript.md) * [Api/Material](https://github.com/pixeljetstream/luxinia1/blob/master/engine/source/luxinia_mtlscript.md) * [Api/Particle](https://github.com/pixeljetstream/luxinia1/blob/master/engine/source/luxinia_prtscript.md) Brief description: * **Engine** * Core * **Small** in size, no dependencies, all ships in one package, no windows registry use, nor any other directories are polluted. * **LUA** fully scriptable, allows **dll** loading for additional functions. * **Helpers** runtime console and performance graph to aid development. Allow direct access and manipulation of lua state * Renderer * **Backend** FixedFunction or Vertex/Pixel Shaders, use Cg for HighLevel shaders. OpenGL is used to make best use of hardware. * **Shaders/Materials** extensive script to define material and shader effects. Lots of states like fog, blending... controllable * **Shadows** with stencil buffer or depthmaps * **Lighting** single sun light, and up to 3 closest range effect lights per node. Shaders can be customized for a variety of lighting effects. * **Render queue** scriptable system to change render-targets and organized rendering in layers. Setup complex render-to-texture effects. Make use of multiple render-targets at once, or rendering to floating point textures for HDR. Allows flexible post-processing effects. * **Efficient** thru statechanges-minimizing, adaptive OcTree culling... * Scene Management * **Static/Dynamic** nodes linked to visual representation. Allows to organize spatial and visual information separately * **Settings** visual world split in settings and views. Each set has own lights, cameras, particles. * **3D & 2D** special node types for 3d scene or 2d ortho rendering, such as GUI or HUD elements. Many different render nodes, trails, models, particle groups, primitives (box,cylinder...) * Resources * **Models** animated or static. Can be rigid animated or weighted skinned. Skeletal bone hierarchy within a model. * **Animation** Allows blending and partial hierarchy updates, as well as different interpolation methods. Simple IK solver built-in. * **Sound** play wav files * **Shaders** script once, reuse for multiple materials. Allows automatic GPU-Shader parameters, as well as pernode shader values. Organized in techniques to make best use of hardware spanning over multiple hardware generations. * **Materials** Define a set of textures and values to be used with certain shaders. * **Particles** script dynamic systems in advance, which can have forces and runtime effects such as magnets applied. Or generate particles manually useful for placing instanced meshes such as trees and rocks. A variety of age-based effects can be achieved and different types of rendering methods used. * **Textures** create textures at runtime, useful for render-targets, or load from files. 1D,2D,3D Cubemaps and rectangle textures can be used. * **Tiletexture terrain** a special height-map based terrain typ that uses texture tiles like in classic 2D games for surface effects. Automatic subtile picking based on neighborhood. * [Features/File Formats](Features.FileFormats.md.html) * [Features/ODE](Features.ODE.md.html) physics simulation and collision detection * **Modules** * [Features/GUI](Features.GUI.md.html) a fully featured GUI comes with luxinia, many widgets such as buttons, sliders, textfields, comboboxes are ready to use. The GUI is skinnable so other look&feel can be created. * **Tools** * [Tools/ResourceViewer](Tools.ResourceViewer.md.html) built-in resource viewer to convert modelfiles and browse assets. Allows preview of animation and material/particle effects. * [Tools/LuxF3D](Tools.LuxF3D.md.html) converts .obj, .3ds, .md3, .bsp (q3), .ms3d, .b3d, .fbx, .dae (collada) * [Tools/3DSMax Export](Tools.3DSMaxExport.md.html) * [Tools/Cinema4D Export](Tools.Cinema4DExport.md.html) * [Tools/BitFontGen](Tools.BitFontGen.md.html) * **Minimum Hardware Requirements** * OpenGL 1.3 compliant (e.g. GeForce 1) * 500 Mhz processor * 20 MB free diskspace * 128 MB RAM * Windows (tested on WinXP and Windows 2000) * **Suggested Hardware Requirements** * OpenGL 1.4 compliant (e.g GeForce 3, Radeon 9600) or better * 1500 Mhz processor or better * 256 MB RAM or better # Version History * Public Releases: * [ Luxinia v0.9](Main.Luxinia09.md.html) 1st December 2005 * [ Luxinia v0.91](Main.Luxinia091.md.html) 7th December 2005 * [ Luxinia v0.92](Main.Luxinia092.md.html) 28th April 2006 * [ Luxinia v0.93](Main.Luxinia093.md.html) 12th July 2006 * [ Luxinia v0.94](Main.Luxinia094.md.html) 26th August 2006 * [ Luxinia v0.95](Main.Luxinia095.md.html) 24th November 2006 * [ Luxinia v0.96](Main.Luxinia096.md.html) 26th February 2007 * [ Luxinia v0.97](Main.Luxinia097.md.html) 16th September 2007 * [ Luxinia 0.98](DevelopmentLog.DevelopmentLog.md.html) 20th July 2008 * [ Luxinia 1.281](DevelopmentLog.DevelopmentLog.md.html) 29th September 2008 * [ Luxinia 1.301](DevelopmentLog.DevelopmentLog.md.html) 10th December 2008 * [ Luxinia 1.331](DevelopmentLog.DevelopmentLog.md.html) 28th March 2009 * [ Luxinia 1.373](DevelopmentLog.Version1373.md.html) 28th August2009 * [ Luxinia 1.375](DevelopmentLog.Version1375.md.html) 6th September 2009 * [ Luxinia 1.380](DevelopmentLog.Version1380.md.html) 23rd September 2009 * [ Luxinia 1.400](DevelopmentLog.Version1400.md.html) 6th December 2009 * [ Luxinia 1.500](DevelopmentLog.Version1500.md.html) 21st November 2011